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Inhibitor of corrosion - biocide SNPH-1004

SNPH-1004 — water-soluble cation-active surfactant. The reagent is intended for suppression of growth sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB), protection against corrosion and hydrogen permeation in processes of extraction and transport of oil and extraction of gas and recycling of the sewage containing hydrogen sulphide and carbonic acid. Against chemical corrosion the product is applied to effective protection of the oil-field equipment and gas mains on technology of constant injecting in water-oil emulsion or periodic batching in extracting chinks. At batching in system of crude oil collectors, SNPH-1004 in concentration from 15 up to 30 g/m3, not destroying emulsion, it is capable to reduce essentially viscosity water-oil emulsion (to 85 %) and, as consequence, intratubal pressure at transport of oil. SNPH-1004 it is highly effective not only in relation to the general corrosion, but also to prevents local corrosion. It is applied as the additive to the solutions intended for preservation and muffling of chinks at their major overhaul with the purpose of decrease of negative influence of brines on collector properties of a productive layer.

For suppression biocoenosis of SRB are used periodic shock processings in concentration from 50 up to 200 g/m3 depending on contamination of object and stability of culture SRB are used. Reagent does not render negative influence on process of oil refining and quality of let out commodity oil. Shows synergism with many demulsifiers.

High efficiency of a reagent is confirmed both by the conclusions of leading institutes, including VNIIGas, "Hoehst", «State Oil», «Nalco-Exxon», and also by results of long industrial application on objects of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Komi, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

Physical and chemical properties of SNPH-1004

Homogeneous liquid from yellow up to light brown color
Temperature of hardening, 0С
Minus 30
dissolvable in water, spirits
Kinematic viscosity mm2/s, at 200С
No more than 50
3 class: is moderate-dangerous substances

Sanitary certificateП.000122.01.06 from 26/01/2006

Compliance certificate

ТЭК RU.ХП06.Н01257 from 02/03/2006

Certificate for use of chemical production in technological process of oil recovery and oil delivery

153.39.RU.245850.01138.03.06 from 02/03/2006

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