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Inhibitor of corrosion - biocide NAPOR-1010

NAPOR-1010 – it is a reagent of complex action on the basis of water-soluble salt of derivatives nitrogen- and phosphoro-containing substances. It is intended for suppression of growth sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) and protection of the oil-field equipment against corrosion in the mineralized environments containing hydrogen sulphide and carbonic acid. For effective protection of pipelines and the oil-field equipment against chemical and microbiological corrosion the product is dosed out in water-oil emulsion or sewage in concentration from 5-25 g/m3.

NAPOR-1010 does not render negative influence on process of oil refining and quality of commodity oil. According to toxicological researches concerns to 3-d class of danger (moderately dangerous substances).

Physical and chemical properties of NAPOR-1010

liquid from colorless up to light brown color
Temperature of hardening, OC, not above
minus 45
Kinematic viscosity at 20ОС,
mm2/s, no more
dissolvable in water, spirits

Sanitary certificateП.000071.11.07 from 16/11/2007

Compliance certificate

ТЭК RU.ХП06.Н01922 from 26/11/2007

Certificate for use of chemical production in technological process of oil recovery and oil delivery

153.39.RU.245850.01809.11.07 from 26/11/2007

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