ProductionBiocidesInhibitor of corrosion biocide NAPOR-1007

Inhibitor of corrosion biocide NAPOR-1007

NAPOR-1007 is intended for suppression of growth sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) and protection of the oil-field equipment against corrosion and hydrogen permeation in metal in highly mineralized medium of systems of petrogathering with high water content, commodity parks and water injection lines, containing hydrogen sulphide and carbonic acid.

For effective protection of pipelines and the oil-field equipment against chemical corrosion the product is dosed out in water-oil emulsion or sewage in concentration from 15 up to 30 g/m3. To suppression of planktonic forms of SRB at bactericidal processings NAPOR-1007 is injecting in concentration from 100 up to 150 g/m3 depending on contamination of object and stability of culture SRB. High anticorrosive activity proves to be true results of industrial application on objects JOC «Bashneft», JSC "Tatneft"

Technological process does not render negative influence on process of preparation of oil and does not worsen its quality. Inhibitor and products of its decomposition do not poison the catalysts applied at oil refining, and also do not worsen quality of mineral oil. Introduction of inhibitor NAPOR-1007 in oil-field environments suppresses growth of SRB.

According to toxicological researches concerns to 3 class of danger (moderately dangerous substances). Delivery is carried out in railway tanks or flanks.

Physical and chemical properties NAPOR-1007

homogeneous liquid from light yellow up to brown color
Temperature of hardening, 0С
minus 40
dissolvable in aromatic hydrocarbons, spirits
in water - dispersion
Density kg/m3, at 200С
3 class: is moderate-dangerous substances

Sanitary certificateП.000153.02.04 from 26/02/2004

Compliance certificate

ТЭК RU.ХП06.Н01988 from 14/01/2008

Certificate for use of chemical production in technological process of oil recovery and oil delivery

153.39.RU.245850.01875.01.08 from 14/01/2008


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