ProductionInhibitors of corrosionInhibitor of corrosion SNPH-6301

Inhibitor of corrosion SNPH-6301

Inhibitor of corrosion SNPH-6301 is for a long time and has well proved as a reagent intended for protection of an internal surface of steel pipelines of systems of water injection and system of petrogathering with high water content, containing hydrogen sulphide and/or carbonic acid.
High efficiency of a reagent is confirmed by results of long industrial application on objects of Tatarstan, Bashkortostan, Komi, Kazakhstan, Yuganskneftegaz, Surgutneftegaz.

Now it is one of the most widespread reagents — volumes of its application make size about 3 thousand tons per year.

Physical and chemical properties of SNPH -6301

Liquid from light yellow up to light brown color
Temperature of hardening, °С, no more
Minus 40
Density at 20 °С, kg/m3
Kinematic viscosity, mm2/s, at 20 °С, no more
dissolvable hydrocarbons, spirits
in water - dispersion

Sanitary certificateП.000125.01.06 from 26/01/2006

Compliance certificate

ТЭК RU.ХП06.Н01255 from 01/03/2006

Certificate for use of chemical production in technological process of oil recovery and oil delivery

153.39.RU.245850.01136.03.06 from 01/03/2006


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