About company

About company

Joint-stock Company "NAPOR" was founded in 1990 by individuals without the participation of state property, is engaged in the development and implementation in the oil industry of chemical reagents. The company has more than 30 patents for which a year is more than 20 000 tons. JSC "NAPOR" actively cooperates with almost all oil companies in the CIS, not only supplying their products, but also exercise great methodological and technological assistance to the oil industry, providing scientific support in the implementation and use of their developments. 

nearly all major oil and gas companies of Russia.

Production assortment

  • Biocides
    SNPH-1002, SNPH-1003, SNPH-1004, NAPOR-1007, NAPOR-1010, NAPOR-1012, the NAPOR-KB - the substances destroying microorganisms which aggravate a corrosion picture, hammer in productive layers.
  • Demulsifiers
    Reagents of family REAPON (Reapon-IF, Reapon-IK, Reapon-IK-1, Reapon-IK-1M, Reapon-IK-2, Reapon-IK-2M) - destroy water-oil emulsions, dividing them into water and oil.
  • Inhibitors of corrosion
    SNPH-6301, SNPH-6302, SNPH-1003, SNPH-1004, NAPOR-1007, NAPOR-1010, NAPOR-1012, NAPOR-1014, Alpan, Amfikor - prevent processes of corrosion of an internal surface of oil pipelines, tanks and other trade equipment.
  • Inhibited hydrochloric acid
    NAPOR-HCl - used for the treatment of injection wells to increase their intake capacity.
  • Inhibitor of acid corrosion
    NAPOR-KB - prevents corrosion of the equipment which is in contact to acids, is a biocide.
  • Scale Inhibitor
    NAPOR-ISO-1 is intended to prevent and galitnyh carbonate deposits in oilfield equipment in a wide range of temperatures.
  • Hydrogen Sulfide Scavengers
    NAPOR-NS-02, NAPOR-NS-03 - intended for binding hydrogen sulfide in oil and petroleum products as well as gas and aqueous media.
  • Solvent of asphalt, resin and paraffin deposits
    NAPOR-7301 - used to remove deposits on the downhole equipment, pipelines.

Many of the development JSC "NAPOR" is unique and consumer properties, and the way they are received.  For example, our company pioneered corrosion inhibitors based on organophosphorus compounds. This corrosion inhibitors Alpan, Amfikor and SNPH-1004, demulsifier Reapon-IF. Do not surpassed by the opportunities and corrosion inhibitor, biocide SNPH-1003. Has no analogue inhibitor of acid corrosion NAPOR-KB. Demulsifiers series Reapon-IK, passing through the successful field tests, are being increasingly used in the industry, showing excellent results.

Experience in the industry allows us to create products that work directed against corrosion sources - hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, SRB (Sulfate Reducing Bacteria). Business dealings with oil companies, knowledge of their problems and market conditions of reagents for the oil industry can create products that successfully compete with the best products of foreign and domestic companies.

Government of the Russian Federation, Russian Academy of Science, Commerce and Industry Chamber, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, Social Development Fund "Third Millennium", the company awarded the "Russian National Olympus". Chamber of Accounts, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade Ministry, the Central Election Commission of Russia, Office of the State Duma, the RF State Committee on Statistics, "Federal Directory" rewarded the director JSC "NAPOR" Albina Romanovna Panteleyev diploma "For an active part in promoting a positive public opinion the economic and social policies of the Russian Federation". 

Company activity

Main areas of activity - protection of oilfield equipment from corrosion and biodegradation through the use of chemical methods, with the greatest economic effect and do not require large capital costs and complex manufacturing equipment. Now agents JSC "NAPOR" 'is used in 12 oil-producing regions of Russia and the CIS.  

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