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Joint-stock Company "NAPOR" was founded in 1990 by individuals without the participation of state property, is engaged in the development and implementation in the oil industry of chemical reagents. The company has more than 30 patents for which a year is more than 20 000 tons. JSC "NAPOR" actively cooperates with almost all oil companies in the CIS, not only supplying their products, but also exercise great methodological and technological assistance to the oil industry, providing scientific support in the implementation and use of their developments. 

Company activity

Main areas of activity - protection of oilfield equipment from corrosion and biodegradation through the use of chemical methods, with the greatest economic effect and do not require large capital costs and complex manufacturing equipment. Now agents JSC "NAPOR" 'is used in 12 oil-producing regions of Russia and the CIS.  


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Joint-stock Company «NAPOR», 1990-2024
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